How To Build A Website

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If you have your own domain name and a host provider then next step is to build a website which i explain you that how you can do this.

First you need to decide which type of website you want e.g News/information, product, business or persona. Once you decided which type of website you want to build the next step will be you should have to be familiar with:

  • Design Basics
  • Learning HTML
  • Learning CSS
  • Web Page Editors
Design Basics:
You have to be familiar with space, formats, layouts, handle fonts and colours, and puts all these in a format that puts your message across.

Learning HTML & CSS:
An online classes of learning HTML & CSS is an easy way to start learning HTML & CSS. This class lets you to learn about HTML ad CSS, and will covers all aspects related to this field and make you a litle expert to build your own website through HTML or CSS.
Short courses are also available.

Web Page Editor:
Well this is so called difficult and hard to find HTML Editor. I had evaluated many HTML editors for Windows, MAC and Linux as well as some online editors.

Now at the end, after doing all the above, the next step is to:

Publish your website:
Publishing your website so it is open to the public and people from rest of world can see your website.
And can check what is you offering to public.

Promote Your Website:
After publishing the website you have to promote your website so people gets know about your website. A website can be promoted through many social channels and also by yourself.

Social Media:
Promote your website through social medias like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo etc although by making pages or through advertisements on Internet.

Maintain Your Website:
You must regularly update your website and maintain this regularly. If you are getting error on your web page then contact to your host provider.

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