How To Increase Blog Traffic (Free SEO)

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Every new user of a blog or a website, even mature website holder have a problem of very low traffic on their blog or website. But now you don't have to worry about this. Here is a completely 100% free of cost solution (known as Search Engine Optimization SEO) for this major problem. But before i come to the main topic(Free SEO solution),

free SEO tips

i want to tell you about some major mistakes

Use of :
1: Copy & paste Copyright material.
2: Wrong Keyword.
3: Default permalink.
4: Worthless content.

Now i tell you how to free SEO of your blog or website and increase traffic which no one can tell you about this. So let's start it.

Unique Contents

  • Use contents that are not just copied and pasted this will be violation of Copyright act and you can be sued by doing this. Develop your skills to write a material which has some worth. You can assist your work by wikipedia or other websites which provide free information. Shortly do not use Copyright material in your posts.
  • You can check your material by use of The Plagiarism Checker .


  • Use keyword which attract sufficient traffic and open monthly for at least 20,000 times. Do not use keywords with high competition as you are a new and now make this as your permalink.
  • You can select a keyword by the use of Keyword Tool .

Social Media

  • Make your blog or website page on Facebook, Google+Twitter and other social networking websites and share this page with your friends and relatives.
  • Refer your blog or website through visiting cards or what ever mean.
  •  Use social plugins in your blog or website.


  • List you blog or website on Google, Yahoo, Dmoz, Bing and other directories.
  • Make sure you have done this.


  • Select keyword related to your topic check it with Keyword Tool and then set it as your pemalink.

Once you done all the above things you will get more traffic on your blog or website, this is what  a SEO.

If you have any problem regarding this or you want to ask some thing more about this or any thing not related to this topic? then comment us.

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Mickie James said...

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Allen Steford said...

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anthony hill said...

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Tanjila said...

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Rizal Aqy said...

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Geofrey Bett said...

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Navjeet Singh said...

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manu kumar said...

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sarika gupta said...

I absolutely LOVE this!! I only wish I could find a list like this of information. Do you happen to know of any lists like that?

sarika gupta said...

I absolutely love this!! I only wish I could find a list like this of information. Do you happen to know of any lists like that?

raisul islam said...

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holy joly said...

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holy joly said...

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Bangalore RWD said...

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Abdullahel Kafe said...

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