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Free Web hosting services provided by many companies often have some limitations. This article is about limited services which free web hosting companies are provide. I choose to post on this topic on many requests of my respected and beloved followers. So now i began to explain you about this topic. 

Limited Space:
Offer very limited amount of space storage for your blog or website. They usually provide from range of 10 Mb to 1000 Mb. Which is much limited amount of storage.

Limited Bandwidth:
They often provide you with very limited bandwidth that you can use and please be sure to check rules for specific contents. Some free web host provider also limit you on uploading no or minimum number of videos that you can host. Most provider only offer 1 GB of Bandwidth.

Advertising On Your Website:
Mostly free host provider advertise on your website that you cannot control and cannot ask them not to advertise on my website. Obviously they are providing you free service because of this.

Your Domain Name:
Some providers also gave you this service that you can use your own domain name rather then own. Blogger is one of them. which provide you this service. You can purchase your own domain name either from third party or from those you are currently hosting.

Free emails:
This is very beneficial if a provider also provide you a free emails but this will be only in case where you are hosting your own domain name.

Which Free Host Provider Should I Choose?
well i only recommend you Blogger . Because Blogger provide you the most services which other free providers don't. So make your website (Blog) on blogger and enjoy its free services.

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