Ultimate Keyword Research Guide For Bloggers

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What are keywords?

If you are a regular blogger then you might be knowing what I am talking to but if you are a newbie then this word keyword may be a little new for you.Keywords are the words which are used by people while searching on Google, Bing ,Yahoo and other search engines.Keywords play a major role in on page optimization.

Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Ranking:

After Google Panda and Penguin Updates it is said that keyword stuffing and seo is dead but believe me its not. Still Keywords have a great impact in search results.Search Engines especially Google look for the searches which matches the exact keywords searched by Google  However page rank and many other factors has a great impact on search engine ranking(SEO).

Tools to get started with Keywords Research:

The best tool to get started with Keywords Research is Google Adwords Keywords Tool.There are many other advanced paid tools as well but this one is free which is provided by mighty Google  I personally use this tool to do keyword research.This tool shows the number of monthly searches globally and locally for a particular keyword.So, with that information you can come to an estimation on how much traffic you can bring to your website/blog from search engines.

How to get started with Keywords Research?

  • To get started with Keyword research go to Google Adwords Keywords Tool.
  • Enter the keyword for which you want to look the monthly search count.
For example I will check the number of searches for "Facebook Tricks" keyword.

Enter the keyword and hit search.As soon as you hit search you will be displayed the list of all similar keywords and their global and local monthly searches.But the search which you get is the broad search which also include other keywords like "Tricks Facebook","Facebook Trick",Tricks of Facebook 2012" etc etc.Many bloggers think that this is the exact traffic for those keywords but its not ,you have to un check the Broad search and check Exact. That will give you the exact number of searches for that particular keyword.
Ultimate Keyword Research Guide For Bloggers

You can also check the number of searches in a particular country and in particular language.

Now which Keyword To Choose?

It is advised to choose keywords with low competition.After you get results of keywords and their monthly searches just go to Google and check the results of keywords in Google search results.
If you find many top blogs/websites with those exact keywords are ranking high in Google then it is recommended to stay away from those keywords if your blog is new or if you don't have much traffic from Google.

Where to use Keywords?

Use Keywords in Post Title:

The title of the post decides how much traffic you are going to get.Include most of the keywords in your title instead of conjunctions and prepositions.Don't use same keywords repeatedly in title.Such cases will be penalized by Google and your blog will be effected very badly.

Use Keywords in the Post:

You have to use as many keywords as you can in the body of the post.Though keywords in title plays the major role ,content also has its own importance.In the body of the post use those keywords which you didn't use in your post title but which are similar to that keywords.Keep the keywords density less than 4%. Up to 4% keyword density would work fine but if you use more than that then it may lead to penalty.To avoid penalty by Google Penguin and Panda Updates write posts with more than 700-1000 words.

Use Keywords in Custom URL structure:

Avoid using prepositions and conjunctions in URL of the post.Use only keywords in the custom URL structure for your post.

Use keywords in Search Description:

Search description is the description shown in Google next to the the title.Use few keywords which you used in the post title for better ranking.

Use Keywords in H2,H3,H4 etc Tags:

Use proper keywords in heading tags in your post. Don't use too many but use reasonably.


Though keywords play a major role in search engine ranking, do not over optimize your posts with keywords.Keywords should come naturally.To avoid getting penalized by Google write lengthy posts with good number of keywords.Always maintain quality in your posts.


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